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Random grumble

Dear fantasy artists:

You do not hold a roundshield like that.

The main reason for a shield boss is to protect the grip (and the hand holding it). That is the point of it, the explanation for its location, design, materials, in fact its existence. This naturally means the grip is directly across the back of the boss, even integral to it. If there's a strap, it's one that is slung over the shoulder/neck, or rarely a single forearm strap off to one side.

Yet for some reason loads of you draw roundshields strapped like heaters, with two symmetrical straps either side of centre. This is not how they work.

Right. (You can't see the back but the position of the hand inside the boss is clear from the pose.)


Small thing, but it was irking me in the pre-dawn hours this morning.

Next week: why no sane swordsman carries a sword slung on his back if he can possibly help it.

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